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Fintech startups in Asia

The following is a list of notable FinTech companies in Asia. China Dianrong: P2P lending platform Lufax: P2P lending platform RenRenDai: P2P lending platform for consumers and small businesses Hongling Capital: P2P lending platform Ant Financial: Multiple payments service and solutions provider, including online payment solution Alipay, financial products marketplace Zhao Cai Bao, online bank […]

UberPOOL versus GrabHitch

There are a number of carpooling services available throughout Asia, two of which are UberPOOL and GrabHitch, services provided by ride-booking platform giants Uber and Grab respectively. What is UberPOOL? UberPOOL is one of the services provided by American multinational mobile transportation and ride-booking service company, Uber. Launched in San Francisco in August 2014, UberPOOL […]

Airbnb in Singapore

Airbnb is currently one of the largest online home-sharing marketplaces that allows for individuals to list their unused space, discover and rent vacation homes from all over the world. The company was founded in August 2008 in San Francisco, California by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk. The company provides a unique accommodation experience […]

Global Companies with Regional Headquarters in Singapore

Singapore has been known to be an attractive location for multinational companies to establish their regional headquarters in the Asia Pacific region due to its strategic location, access to skilled talent, ease of doing business, world-class infrastructure, and a stable economic and political system. The following is a list of top multinational corporations that has […]

Why Uber Will Beat Grab When the Subsidy Party Stops

This following is a guest posted opinion and does not reflect the views of the DemystifyAsia team. To contribute your own guest posts, please get in touch: With the recent  cease fire/merger in China between  Didi and Uber, Uber now has resources and bandwidth to move their battle for global dominance to another locale where […]

Biotech Startups in Asia

A study by Grand View Research Inc in 2015 has estimated that the global biotechnology market would be worth more than USD$600 billion by 2020. The Asia Pacific region is expected to experience the most significant growth at 14.8 percent annually till 2020 due to the untapped opportunities available in Asia’s emerging markets, including China […]

Government Grants for Startups in Singapore

The following is a list of grants and schemes provided by the Singapore government for eligible startups based in Singapore. ACE Startups Grant The Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Startups Grant is a financial assistance grant that is administered by SPRING Singapore, a government agency tasked to help Singapore enterprises grow and build trust in […]

ShopBack versus Ebates

Cashback is a form of incentive for buyers where a small cash amount is reimbursed back to the buyer after making a purchase. While the cashback concept is popular in the United States and the European countries, it is still a relatively new means of incentivising online shopping in Asia. Two cashback rewards platform that […]

Tech talent in Asia

One of the major challenges of tech companies worldwide is to find, hire and retain skilled talent. The increasing labour costs has also spurred many major tech companies and startups to search for skilled and competitively-priced tech talent in Asia. Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing tech talent in […]