Languages Spoken in Asia

Many Westerners refer to the a big portion of Asia as APAC. APAC typically consists of countries as far North as Japan and Korea and South down to Australia and New Zealand. From the West the border would be where India ends and the Middle East starts, and on the East it is the Pacific Ocean.

This could not be a more heterogeneous area to all get lumped into one area. There is no common religion, language, currency, or culture in this region and Japan is as similar to Australia as Argentina is to France. Distance wise, Tokyo, Japan is a 10 hour flight from Singapore which is the same flying time as San Francisco to Paris.

Asia also speaks many languages and here is a handy list of the biggest languages:

  • China – Mandarin/Cantonese
  • India – Hindi, English
  • Malaysia – Malay (Bahasa)
  • Indonesia – Bahasa (Indonesian)
  • Singapore – English
  • Taiwan – Mandarin
  • Nepal – Nepalese
  • Thailand – Thai
  • Vietnam – Vietnamese
  • Cambodia – Khmer