FINDYOURWAYINTHEWORLD (FYW) is Singapore’s first Online Video Marketing (OVM) Agency that helps more than 280 local and international companies-to date- improve their online marketing approach and direct conversion rate through video marketing and Google Solutions.

FYW is at the forefront of video marketing and digital marketing in Singapore and Southeast Asia. They believe in relationships and not transactions. They focus on creating value creative teamwork, focusing on being stronger together than as individuals. They are passionate, dedicated and driven to excel. The company helps clients see success through creative awareness and technologically driven marketing.

As a Media Agency, FYW offers Video Production, YouTube Marketing and Online Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Arno Belham (MD)
Caribbean businessman with extreme attraction to hard work and vintage rum, Arno is passionate about FYW and helping his customers to achieve their goals at every scale. A decade in Classic and Internet Media give him the sufficient background to aim you in the best direction.

Jean-Charles Salvin (Chairman)
Endless passion, creativity and pro-activeness characterize the founder of FYW. Currently living between Bangkok and Singapore, he is quite difficult to catch. But when you will grab him he will tell you a lot about the happening and best plans to develop the branding: a real Influencer.

Priscilla Tong (Creative Director)
With the creative background and experience amassed over the decade, Priscilla has the great knowledge of both the creatives and the management of projects. She assists customers with video marketing and digital marketing, bringing forth their vision and strategy.

Noteable customers:
MNCs (Chubb, Sanofi, UBS, UOB, GoSwiff, Arkadin, Pioneer, Samsung, MBS, Unilever, Sodexo, SLP International/ZACD…).

SMEs (Asmara Lifestyle, Poppy, The Pod Capsule, Indochine Group, Elephanti, Tribob/MetaSport, Plinq, Iconz Webvision, Sicilia Mia Group, Museo, Tirisula, Happy Oligo, Aluxee, WYLD, Zouk, GreenLeaf…).

Organisations (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Academy of Law, AWARE, Alliance Francaise…).

Live Coverage: AFA 2014 – nico nico

A recent customer included a florist: Through the company’s work they managed to increase 500% request value over 3 months; and CRO from 8% to 21% with an overall increase of 18/20% of her monthly sales.

$300,000 a year.