Company history:
Back in 2013, the founders of LessonsGoWhere (LGW) realised that lesson seekers were unaware of more than 80% of class providers who have no online presence in Singapore. Furthermore, enrolling for a class involves unreliable phone bookings or inconvenient physical visits at venue. It was also tough to enrol for lessons confidently due to the lack of an established system for rating and reviewing lesson providers. Today, you can buy almost anything online; a plane ticket, a computer and even an insurance policy. Why not a class?

The founders then set out to be the top e-commerce platform aggregating all possible courses offered in Singapore. The intent is to create an online marketplace to find, book and review in-person classes, helping people find classes by listing classes online, save time with online bookings and book classes confidently with social ratings and reviews. The result is a lifelong learning ecosystem that surpasses all other competitors in Singapore in terms of ease of booking and selection of classes.

Investment: The company has received investments from SPRING Singapore and National University of Singapore

LGW offers comprehensive information about lessons and their providers, trusted opinions from fellow lesson seekers, as well as a convenient e-commerce payment system to book and pay for lessons immediately. LGW is an lifelong learning ecosystem that serves both the consumers and lessons providers. The benefits to these parties include:

– Consolidated platform for all lessons
– Book and pay anytime, anywhere
– User Reviews & Rating System to assist decision making
– Membership reward points to spur repeat purchase

– New sales and marketing channel which brings incremental revenue; pay only for results
– Larger aggregated pool of customers; cross-selling among vendors of different categories
– Enhanced branding
– Allows vendors to gain constructive feedback from users on the quality of their classes.

-LGW is delighted to have served more than 20,000 individual customers. The size of each class varies from 1-to-1, to 25 pax.
– Revenue: $250, 000

Anfernee Tan
Anderson Tan

LGW was founded in 2013 but was acquired by biipmi Pte Ltd (biipmi.com), a business consultancy company dealing with training management consultancy work.

LessonsGoWhere helps me sell more and reach additional customer segments. Since working with them, I now have to start offering more classes to cope with increased demand!
— Cecilia, Chantilly Culinary Studio

LessonsGoWhere has helped me find new students in a measurable and cost-effective way.
Their service team also responds to my queries quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend working with them!
— Cindy, RoseBud

In addition to finding me more students, LessonsGoWhere helps ease my administrative workload so that I can focus more on doing what I love — Teach!
Many students who signed up for my classes through LessonsGoWhere are still learning with me to this day.
— Ashwin, Freelance Saxophone Instructor