Go-Jek in Indonesia – Motorbike Taxi Booking App

What is GO-JEK?

Go-Jek is a transportation company, duly established under a limited liability company named PT Go-Jek Indonesia which provides transportation services ranging from motorbike taxi fleet to courier service. The company was founded in 2011 in Jakarta by Nadiem Makarim, who previously worked as a consultant at Mckinsey and was a former Managing Director of Zalora Indonesia. Their commercial tagline is ‘An Ojek For Everyday Need’ and it clearly represents Go-Jek’s services which greatly vary.


Brief History of Go-jek Operation

At first, Go-Jek operated on a call center basis. Meaning, people who needed a motorbike taxi could call Go-Jek to get the service. At that time, the start-up company recruited only 20 drivers and most of the Go-Jek users utilized it as a delivery service rather than a mode of transportation.

In early January 2015, following their funding from private equity investor Northstar Group,  Go-Jek officially launched the ‘Go-Jek’ app for smartphone users in Android and iOS operation system. Since launching the app, the company claims that their  Go-Jek App has been downloaded over 4 million times in the first six months, and had been downloaded 9 million times by the end of 2015.

How is the current operation?

In the interview with Bloomberg on March 2016[i], CEO Go-Jek, Nadiem Makarim, claimed that the Go-Jek App has been downloaded more than 11 million times and it has more than 200,000 motorbikes around Indonesia. Today, Go-Jek not only operates in Jakarta but also in other Indonesian cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. In addition to the original services, the company has been constantly expanding its offers which today range from transportation to food ordering service. Below is a short description of each type of Go-Jek’s services :

  1. Go-Ride

Go-Ride was the very first basic service which provides transportation to the users. Those who need to transport from one place to another can easily and simply order a motorbike taxi from the Go-Jek app. How does this service work? Like all other such services, you have to activate your phone GPS to so the driver can get your exact location. Open the app, choose ‘Go-ride service’ then fill in the information of your pick up location and destination. You can also add information in the box regarding details of your exact position as a note to the driver who will pick you up, such as “Building A next to Building B, meet me at the front gate, I am wearing black dress”. When you fill in your pick up location and destination, the screen will show your transport’s fare. In a shift away from traditional motorbike taxis fees, you will be shown exact fare; a far more convenient payment method than having to negotiate the price with the driver (which is generally the way things are done in Indonesia). You can pay the fare either in cash or from the app which provides Go-Jek wallet. After finishing the order, you have to wait for the driver to pick you up. To locate the driver, Go-Jek app has a map so you can get informed of  your driver’s position, whether he is on the way or has arrived.

  1. Go-Send

Go-Send service is basically a courier service for the those who need to send basic goods from one place to another within a city. Go-Send couriers use motorbikes which are the fastest way to get across the city. In the middle of traffic jammed Jakarta, for example, sending goods to colleagues, friends or family is now much more reliable and easier than in the past. To order the service, you just open the app in your smartphone then click Go-Send. Fill the information such as location to pick up the goods and the delivery information details such as address and the recipient’s name and phone numbers, then you click order to proceed the service.

  1. Go-Food

Go-Food, which was launched in April 2015, is a food order service. When it was launched, Go-Jek claimed it has collaborated with 15,000 food sellers around Jabodetabek (abbreviation of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi). Their service provides consumers 23 catagories of food sellers, ranging from street stalls to fancy restaurants. Regarding order limit, the Go-Food service allows you to order a meal up to 1 million Rupiah which will be delivered by Go-Jek drivers. With a  motorcycle taxi fleet of 3,000 registered drivers, Go-Jek claims that food orders through the Go-Food app will arrive in no more than 60 minutes. [ii]

  1. Go-Mart

Launched in September 2015, Go-Mart is a shopping service message between 25,000 kinds of goods from 20 stores across the Greater Jakarta area. This service supports the shops with many kinds of goods, ranging from the minimarket, supermarkets, stationery stores, optics, and  pet shops. All the goods, which are provided by Go-Jek Merchant, can be booked through Go-Jek applications on smartphones. With their large fleet numbers,  number, Go-jek claims that the service ready to take orders within 90 minutes.[iii]

  1. Go-Busway

Launched in October 2015, Go-Busway is a service to commute from a location to a bus stop around Jakarta. Included in this app is the real-time data feature which allows one to see the schedules of a Transjakarta bus. The service is also integrated with Go-Ride for transportation reservations towards the Transjakarta shelter, “according to a notice that appeared in Go-Jek application Android version. Via Go-Busway service, you can find out information for the Transjakarta bus corridor 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. [iv]

Precisely, Go-Busway is a motorcycle taxi transport service to take passengers to a Transjakarta. Go-Busway, together with Go-Ride service, harness the force of the companies motorcycle taxi drivers. The difference is, when you choose the Go-Busway service, you are asked to do  name search of the Transjakarta shelter dropoff via the search box at the top of the screen. After that, the process is similar to Go-Ride.

  1. Go-Tix

Launched in December 2015, Go-tix provides a service that can be used for various ticketing for events. It is basically a mobile ticketing service though the app also provides information about music events, sports, arts and culture, attractions, and workshops happening in the area. In addition to ordering tickets via the app, Go-Tix also provides the delivery of the tickets to a user’s address or to the location of the event within 25 kilometers of Jakarta’s area. . Users can also book Go-Ride to drive her to the event location. [v]

  1. Go-Box

Launched in October 2015, Go-Box is a goods transportation service that allows a use to choose from a variety of cars for larger items to be moved. The optional modes of transportation include vans, pickups, truck ankle and ankle truck box.  This service is available in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. The pricing for this service is quite varied as it works according to the type of service the use needs. [vi]

  1. Go-Clean

Launched in September 2015, as the name implies, Go-Clean is a clean-up service for a private dwelling or office. Packages on the app vary according to the users needs and the costumer can personalize their cleaning experience. They can choose from a range  of services including sweeping and mopping, cleaning bathrooms, washing the kitchen cleaning the furniture, and cleaning the bathroom.

  1. Go-Glam

Launched in September 2015, Go-Glam is a salon service for women who want their beauty treatments at home or at the office. The service is targeting women who often want the service of a salon but did not have time necessary to sit for appointments. Services on this app range according to needs and include haircuts, manicures and pedicures, and full face make-up.

  1. Go-Massage

This service, also launched in September 2015, provides massage services on call for those who need relaxing time with a good massage in home. You can select various types of massages, ranging from reflections to a variety of other health massage. [vii]






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