E-commerce in Indonesia: what makes it so successful

Indonesia ranks number 4 worldwide in terms of population; right behind China, India and United States, and has more than 250 million people spread across the archipelago. The country is currently deemed as the most attractive market in Southeast Asia and its not only because it’s the most populated nation in the region but because […]

Startup Ecosystem in Indonesia

Indonesia is a particularly noteworthy marketplace in Asia. As one of the most populous nations in the world, and an average age of 29 years old, Indonesia has tremendous opportunity for the development of profitable companies. At only 28% internet penetration, there are over 93 million people online. The potential is huge as can be […]

Seekmi: a matchmaker for Indonesian services

Seekmi is an intelligent service marketplace that will simplify the process of finding and engaging local service providers. The website plays a matchmaking role,  helping to connect local service providers with local customers who are seeking their services, from plumber to hairdresser to tutor.  The company has over  500 services available on their site. Some […]

Kaskus- Indonesia’s largest online forum

Kaskus is the biggest online forum for discussion and selling in Indonesia. On Kaskus, you can find everything you need since it has million users who eagerly exchange information and knowledge, creating community and also buying/selling goods or services at the very best prices. Kaskus mainly has two features, forum and Forum Jual Beli (FJB) […]

Bluebird to merge with Gojek

Blue Bird Plans to merge with Gojek   Protest Against Online-Based Transportation On 22nd of March, about 10 thousand members of Paguyuban Pengemudi Angkutan Darat (PPAD), an association consist of public transport drivers in Jakarta, demonstrated in front of House of Parliament (DPR/MPR) building. Later on, they marched to the office of the Ministry of Communications and Information […]

Five Jack

Five Jack the owner of Itemku established in 2013, is a start-up company in gaming related products and value added service. In 2014, Fivejack comes with new business strategy that can change the behavior of gamers in Indonesia and Fivejack is committed to build better game service platform.


iGrow is a marketplace that helps under employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce scalable and efficient organic farm funded by urban people around the world. They connect farmers, landowners, and the investors to create food organic plantation, and we sell the crops directly to the customer like the highly networked supermarket. In Indonesia alone […]

Otocar – Beepi for Asia

Creating a trusted market place for used cars in Southeast Asia by adapting the Beepi model to the Southeast Asian market. The regulatory and legal frameworks in most Southeast Asia countries (600 million consumers and the second largest car market in Asia) are guidelines at best. Scams are common in listings, test drive and the […]

Fabelio – Indonesian Furniture

Fabelio is a web portal in the field of furniture that connects buyers and sellers a variety of high-quality furniture. The products are sold by the seller through Fabelio is a premium quality furniture at the best price. Fabelio’s collaboration with artisans and manufacturers of top-class manufacturing to become a seller on our website. By […]


Tees.co.id is Asia’s first and largest custom merchandising online marketplace. Sort of a hybrid between Etsy and Zazzle let people sell their designs in the form of T-Shirts, Jackets, Art Prints, Phone cases and many other merchandises for free. Tees.co.id will also produce, ship and takes care of customer service for store owners. When products […]