Seekmi: a matchmaker for Indonesian services

Seekmi is an intelligent service marketplace that will simplify the process of finding and engaging local service providers. The website plays a matchmaking role,  helping to connect local service providers with local customers who are seeking their services, from plumber to hairdresser to tutor.  The company has over  500 services available on their site. Some […]

Bilna (MoxiBilna) – Ecommerce for Baby Products

  Focused and committed on family and baby merchandise, Bilna has turned out to be a phenomenal e-commerce domain that is currently listed among the leading entities in this sector. Its baby products are measured to be 10,000 SKU and it currently has around 500 local and international brands. These figures make it a full-fledged […]

Tokopedia – Indonesia’s Largest Online Marketplace

Tokopedia   History Tokopedia is considered the largest marketplace in Indonesia. It is a platform for individuals and small businesses to create online shops via. It was founded by two ambitious young men, William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison, on February 6, 2009 but then launched publicly exactly on the date of Indonesian Independence Day, […]