LiveRoom: Augmented reality from Sri Lanka

LiveRoom, a startup based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, specialises in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platform development. The company’s main product is a cloud based sales and marketing platform powered by the latest augmented reality technology to help drive online sales.

LiveRoom started as a final year project when the founders, Sameera Nilupul and Chameera Wijebandara were at  university. They developed a prototype during that time and started commercialising the platform after graduation, using the 15000 USD raised from friends and family. At this time, the company has revenue of over usd $36000 per year.


Sameera Nilupul is a computer graphics and computer vision enthusiast who has over 2 years experience in computer simulation system development.

Chameera Wijebandara is an expert cloud computing engineer with strong  technical team management skills.

Dr. Chandana Gamage is the in-house computer science expert and currently acts as the advisor to the company.

Competitive edge:

The augmented reality space is quite full with companies such as PAir3D, TryLive, Augement, Fingo, etc… However, LiveRoom expects to beat out competitors with the following business models and features:

  1. Easy Integration to Any e-commerce Platform.

Unlike other platforms, LiveRoom is designed to support easy integration to any existing e-commerce platform, website or mobile app with minimum modification to the system. Our clients just have to add a simple QR- code and a “Live View” button to their system.

  1. High Scalability.

LiveRoom supports Unity 3D game engine, which is freely available. Unity game engine has 4.5M registered users and 47% of 3D developers in the world use Unity. Because of this reason creating a LiveRoom and adding products is faster than any other platform.

As an example if you already have a 3D model of a product, it will only take approximately 10 minutes to add the product to our system through our LiveRoom exporter plugin for Unity.

  1. Business Analytics.

For the businesses we provide business analytics reports through our LiveRoom web dashboard. They can find out most popular products, location based statics and many other information to do targeted marketing to their clients.

  1. Can Be Used Offline With Printed Media.

Once you setup a LiveRoom, you can create immersive and interactive printed advertisements without an additional cost. LiveRoom can be used as a powerful marketing tool to increase customer engagement.

  1. Not Limited to Furniture.

Unlike most of other competition LiveRoom is not limited to furniture vertical. LiveRoom supports bath-ware, tiles, eyewear, fashion accessories, consumer electronics and jewelry.

LiveRoom will be available for eyewear by 2017 and we are planning to support clothing by 2018.

  1. Available for iOS, Android and Web platforms.

LiveRoom is available for all the popular mobile platforms as well as the web.


The future:

LiveRoom currently counts DENSO Japan as a client and is partnered with Konica Minolta Business Innovation centre. They also have a local furniture manufacturer signed on as a client. Another two foreign companies from South Korea and Singapore are currently evaluating their platform.

The future is bright for this Sri Lankan company and as augmented reality becomes more mainstream, LiveRoom hopes to become an important player in the global space.