Asian Online Job Search Portals

The Internet age has significantly simplified the task of finding a job. Almost every country has its own job websites or portals that provides hundreds of jobs for the locals people. Some of the most prominent job portals in Asia are listed below:


Singapore is one of the most technically advanced countries of the world, let alone South East Asia. And this means more and more people visit Singapore every year in search of their dream jobs. The following websites make this process easier for the locals as well as expats.


The JobsCentral is a widely famous and one of the top Job portals of Singapore. The JobsCentral Group operates within a network of about 25 affiliate career portals and it is comprised of several channels for the purpose of employing the locals and the most popular one includes:

  • JobsCentral BrightMinds
  • JobsCentral Career and Education Fair
  • Bright Sparks


Global jobs portal, Indeed is currently operating in more than 50 countries and Singapore is one of them.


JobsDB is one of the leading job portals of South East Asia and operates in more than six Asian countries with an inclusion of Singapore.


Global jobs portal Monster is a popular jobs portal in Singapore.


JobStreet is one of the leading jobs portals in Asia and is considered the # 1 job portal of Singapore.



Numerous local and global job portals are operating in Thailand. The most prominent ones are as follows:


JobThai is one of the widely famous local job portals of Thailand. Its purpose is to connect the job seekers with the potential hiring companies looking for employees.


JobTopGun is another local online Job portal of Thailand.


JobStreet is one of the leading jobs portals of Asia and is also considered as one of the leading job portals of Thailand.


JobsDB Thailand provides the job seekers with job opportunities for widening their horizons through their wide network of jobs.


Thailand is one of the 50 countries in which the global network of Monster Jobs Portal is operating.



Being the most populated countries of the world means the larger the number of people looking for jobs and these employment portals are their sources of finding the most suitable jobs


Zhaopin is one of the top headhunting sites of China and is highly preferred by the local job seekers.


51job is the leading professional recruitment site of China with more than 81 million registered members.


Chinahr belongs to world famous recruitment network of Saongroup and is operating in China.

China Job

China Job provides the locals of China with jobs of their choice in the government sector as well in the multinational firms.


CareerEngine is Asia’s leading Career Network and is used by a large number of Chinese for the most suitable career opportunities.



There are a larger number of local job websites operating in Taiwan (as opposed to global ones.) Some of the popular local job portals are: is one of the most popular local employment forums of Taiwan and is used by most of the job seekers living in Taiwan. is preferred by most of the job seekers living in Taiwan because of their wide network of available jobs. is a local Taiwanese jobs portal made especially for those seeking jobs in the field of linguistics and educational departments.



Japan consists of plenty of online job portals. A few of the best-known portals are:


Daijob is a global job portal, operating in Japan- it connects recruitment firms with local job seekers.


It is widely popular local job portal of Japan used by a majority of people looking for suitable jobs in Japan.


Rikunabi is another local employment forum ib Japan that consists of hundreds of jobs for the locals and the foreigners living in Japan.

En Japan

En Japan is operating in Japan and is one of the widely popular local job portal of the country.


Hong Kong:

The top employment forum operating in Hong Kong are as follows


The Recruit online jobs portal contains all the jobs from the popular recruit jobs magazine. The recruit job portal is in an ongoing alliance with 49 independent job boards.


Hong Kong is one of the 50 countries in which the global network of Monster Jobs Portal is operating and providing the job seekers the jobs of their choice.


CPJobs is one of the newest addition to the world of online job portals. It is a modified version of


JobsDB is the leading Online Job Portal of Hong Kong and is used by majority of Hong Kong job seekers.



Malaysia comprises of several global and local online job portals and some of the most widely recognized ones are


Monster is among the top most global job portals of the world and Malaysia is one of the 50 countries in which it’s operating.

Malaysia Jobs

Malaysia Jobs is the fastest growing local online portal of jobs in Malaysia.

Jobs Central

The Job Central Group operates in several Asian Countries and Malaysia is one of them.


JobStreet is one of the leading jobs portals of Asia and is also considered  one of the leading job portals of Malaysia.



Some of the top-ranked job portals of Korea are as follows

Korea Observer

Korea Observer is one of the most widely popular local job portals of Korea that is updated daily with new jobs for the Koreans.

Just Landed

Just Landed is one of the most popular Job portals of Korea. It is specially designed for providing job opportunities for foreigners.

ESL Café

ESL Café is an online job portal specifically designed for providing teaching and educational jobs in Korea.

Xpat Jobs

Xpat Jobs is one of the largest global online job portals operating in hundreds of countries including Korea.



A Large number of global and local job portals are operating in Vietnam with a purpose to provide better jobs for the locals.


JobStreet is the number 1 job site in South East Asia. Vietnam is one of the most active hubs in the JobStreet operating countries list.


Another global leading job portal operating in Vietnam is Monster whose ever-expanding network provides a wide range of job opportunities for people of Vietnam.

Career Jet

Career Jet is an employment search engine operating in Vietnam, as well as other countries.

HR Vietnam

HR Vietnam is a project of career builder provides the locals of Vietnam with numerous job opportunities.



Indonesia locals enjoys the blend of both local and global job portals for fulfilling all of their employment needs


BestJobsIndonesia is one of the ever-expanding new job portals of Indonesia.


Indonesia is one of the few Asian countries which are blessed with the services of JobsDB. There are more than 6900 jobs available in JobsDB Indonesia.


Another popular Asia’s online job portal operating in Indonesia is JobStreet. JobStreet provides the Indonesian users with more than 17,000 available job opportunities.


Monster covers most of the Asian Countries particularly that of South East Asia including Indonesia.