Alodokter – WebMD of Indonesia

Alodokter provides medical information through the delivery of the text that is easily understood by Indonesians. They provide health content on a variety of diseases, drugs, welfare issues, and family problems. The content is based on research and is edited carefully by doctors. They also provide a question and answer page online with Indonesian doctors.

Their goal is to provide high quality health information that can be relied upon to help patients with Indonesia in taking better decisions related to their health. We believe that knowledgeable patients will be able to care for themselves and their families better. They hope Alodokter will make Indonesians become more healthy.

Launched in July 2014, is a publisher of online Alodokter the fastest in its development in Southeast Asia and has generated millions of visitors each month. Their team is supported by a full-time doctors and a team of part-time doctor to ensure medical quality of all the information in