Tware-intelligent wearables

Tware is a Singapore-based wearable tech company.

Founded in 2011, the company is an innovator in intelligent, active wearables which helps the user understand and monitor their body’s needs. Tware’s wearables also provide pain and stress relief using their patented touch technology.

According to interviews, Mr. Teh came up with the idea for T.jackers as he was trying to design a way for children to get a hug from their parents-remotely. As part of his PhD thesis, he was actively researching wearable technologies.

In an interview with the Straits Times, Mr. Teh said: “At that time, my two co-founders and I were looking at commercializing the invention. We were looking at how this technology can really help to solve problems and improve lives, not just as a cool idea.”

The company’s mission today is to constantly innovate and improve their products to give users the best possible experience with more intelligent, comfortable and stylish products . They hope to make the world a more comfortable place with the power of touch-as seen from the two products they’ve already developed.

Tware works closely with world renowned physicians, clinics and fashion gurus. Their partnerships strengthen their development in a range of products for Health and Lifestyle users. These products are available across the globe. Tware seeks to maximize their products by developing them for both comfort, style and health benefits.


Currently, Tware has one product, Tjacket fully developed and available for sale at Their second product coming to market is AiraWear-currently still raising funds on kickstarter for further development.

Tjacket is a touch technology vest that simulates the feeling of a hug to calm and comfort people with sensory processing difficulties, such as children with autism. In consultation with health professionals, the Tjacket is both a functional item as well as one that supports sensory support for those struggling.

Tware has partnered with Uniqlo, the Japanese based international fast fashion brand. They collaborated on Uniqlo: In Store Shopping Experience. This partnership focused on  integrating the Tjacket into their Uniqlo brand jackets for children with autism.

According to multiple interviews with the founders, the company believes there are endless uses for this product-from children with sensory issues, to the elderly with dementia. Their initial success and varied customers (think: hospitals, children’s centers) suggests that they are on to something.

To confirm their product, Tware ran a study. The results: 83% of the subjects showed improved on-seat behavior once they had the T.Jacket on 60% of these subjects showed further improved on-seat behavior when the T.Jacket was inflated.

AiraWear is “ the World’s First Massage Hoodie that allows you to enjoy a massage anywhere, anytime you want.” The concept is basically a hoodie sweatshirt with a built in massage feature. This product is still in development phase and currently reached 102% funding for their kickstarter campaign.


For Tjacket, the main competitors are Squease, Snugvest, Biohug. However, Tware plans to differentiate by ensuring that their jacked is a non-weighted jacket; this means that it is very light weight which decreases the risk of any undesired growth development – a concern with the more heavily weighted jackets currently available on the market. It is discreet and life improving. We also have data collection, remote usage, and is fully automated.

For AiraWear, conventional massage products and massage services will be the strongest competition. However, what makes the AiraWear unique is that the massager is truly wearable and hands-free. You can have a massage and relax your tired self anytime and any where-for that they are the first to market.


According to Tware, they have users in over 10 countries, over 500 organizations use them and have over 500 users of their products. Since their only sellable product is the tjacket, their main market segments are Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and PTSD.

They currently have partnerships with uniqulo, audi, and international distributors.


Lin Wei Liang – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, He attended Keio Unversity and worked for many years as an industrial designer. He grew restless and decided to design something of meaning and impact-hence Tware was born.

Lai Sep Riang – Founder and Chief Technological Officer. He attended the National University of Singapore and studied electrical engineering.


Tware has, so far, raised a total of $2.8 million dollars from funds such as SPRING SEED, Raise Singapore, and other angel investors.