The Tide: Supporting the Philippines Startup Ecosystem

Doing business and attempting a startup in the Philippines can be a huge challenge because of the underdeveloped infrastructure in the country. After speaking with many startup founders, it was clear that one of the greatest hurdles for entrepreneurs is finding reliable and affordable internet. There are a few coworking spaces that have sprung up […]

5 Things to know before investing or starting a business in Philippines

Everything is the Philippines is based on relationships. Like other places in Asia, the Philippines is a place where it’s important to get to know people and build trusting and genuine relationships before venturing into business with them. Building solid relationships is also important for everything related to business including getting recommendations, finding great real […]

The Philippines E-Commerce. Lazada vs. OLX vs. Zalora

The Philippines e-commerce landscape is robust, with strong global and local players dominating the market. Filipino mobile and internet use continues to grow at exceedingly high rates, and combined with increasing options for online payment, the Philippines e-commerce market is quickly maturing at par with other Southeast Asian countries. According to research, the Philippines is […]

Cogito-simplifying workflow

What is Cogito? Cogito is a software as service platform which can be used in business to create automate workflows. The service uses documents such as manual paper, email or spreadsheet-based and puts them into online automated workflows in just few minutes,  then connects that to a cloud service. The startup was founded by Gian […]