Taamkru – Mobile Learning in Thailand

Taamkru.Com aims to provide a medium for knowledge, information useful to parents. As well as those involved in the development of children. So can be adapted to prepare their children to appropriate another way. The teacher asked. Com with the author, a teacher. Professors from the University, which specializes in the education and development of children. According to the data, which is neutral and not subject to the organization. Or any school They are also available to answer your questions or concerns related to teaching and learning in schools. Both the kindergarten and primary school children, where you can ask in the forums also have 24 hours to prepare children to be ready for classes in kindergarten.


And the entrance to the elementary school teacher asked. Com has prepared exercises and tests online. To gauge the readiness of each side. Scores of children were collected from the exercise of such a record of each child as well. You can also find a school that is close to home. Or viable The teacher asked. Com ranked school in order to assess the quality of education provided by the Office for Standards and Quality Assessment.