Snaptee – Make Your Own T-Shirts


Snaptee is a mobile software that lets users produce custom T-shirts from pictures on smartphones. In just a few easy steps, users can design personal T-shirts through the app by using a variety of filters that allow the customer to chose various fonts and styles, and allows the ‘designer’ to edit the picture with a variety of options including color filters. Snaptee then processes and produces the user’s completed design on organic cotton t-shirts.  


Founders of company

Snaptee is a company that was founded in 2013 and is based in Lai Chi kok, Hon Kong. It was a brilliant idea and was started by two young men named Wai Hong and Gary Lee.


Wai Hong and Garry Lee

They are friends and technology businessmen who previously founded a internet businesses called which thhe built and developed into a US$5M company. They started Snaptee with the philosophy of recognizing everyone’s creativity and ability to be a designer.


The start/history of the company

The company was started in November 2013 by Wai Hong and Gary lee. In interviews, Wai Hong tells the story of always wanting to design his own tee shirts that don’t have branded logos. One day he realized that, just as instagram made each person a photographer, he wanted to create an app that allowed individuals to become designers. Thus, the idea of snaptee was born. The objective  of the company is to allow any individual to design shirts and sell them to others. The company has many applications to offer for different platform like IOS Android versions for Korean, Japanese, German, French, etc.  People can design text or any photo graphic as per their requirement and put it on their shirts. Snaptee is growing and quite a popular t shirt designing app and the number of customers are increasing day by day.



From 2013 to 2016 the timeline for the investor’s in snap the and financials are given below:

Total Collateral Funding for the snaptee is estimated round about $1.95M in 3 Rounds from 11 Investors over the period of 3 years. Latest funding has been on 2 September 2014 of about $750k from different investors as a seed at a Mysterious Valuation by SXE ventures, NEST, Danny Yeung, Joel Neoh, and Big Bloom Investment. In second round it raised about $600k in 2014 and 2013 as a seed at a Mysterious Valuation by Mikaal Abdulla, Tytus Michalski, Yat Siu, Chris Lee, Fresco Capital, and William Lee. These investments helped the company build out their software, hire talent, develop production and shipping channels, etc…  (Crunchbase)


How it works

Snaptee allows users to take their personal photos and turn them into stylish and beautiful t shirts in a quick and secure way. The app also allows designers to cultivate a community and sell their designs to others. Snaptee not only creates a space for design but is also a helpful app for young designers to produce tee shirts without the infrastructures needed to production and sales.


Snaptee has invested well in its user interface as it’s an easy app for any first time customer to use. The filters are easy to navigate for those looking to customize their photos or edit them for a designer look. Snaptee has a website and mobile application for their customers on Android and IOS platforms. They are gaining popularity in Asia and all over the world. One nifty feature is the choice to let other Snaptee users “remix” your custom t-shirt designs, and even allows for collaboration on the design process that’s built based on the snaptee community.


Hong says he doesn’t want Snaptee to be just a t-shirt retailer-he also wishes it to be a program for budding designers. Recently, the site has added a gallery of featured designs that were uploaded by its users.


Prices for the t-shirts produced are $19.99 for your own designs and $24.99 for tops designed by other users. Hong hopes people will start using Snaptee as a new habit of shopping. The company has plans to find some users who can mass create cool t-shirts for mass distribution.


Snaptee offers free international delivery and requests take about 2-3 weeks to reach usually, though Hong says the particular one of the business’s priorities is to erase logistics and increase its circulation network. Snaptee will also use money from its seed circular to build up the app’s UI and discover more marketing programs. Snaptee is now available in the US, Japan and has even translated the app into Thai and Indonesian.  



There is a healthy competition for snaptee in the market. Many other companies are providing almost same services to their customer as snaptee. Some of the important and mentionable competitors are:

RageOn! :

RageOn is a competitor to snaptee as it provides almost same services and work on the same principle. It is a largest All-over print store online available. Online they provide T-shirts, tank tops, curtains all over the world. It was founded in oct, 2013 by Michael Krilivsky. The estimated revenue is $3.8m and growing fast giving tough competition to snaptee.



This company was founded by Walker Williams, headquarters in USA. It has a total funding of 55m and revenue of $5m till today. It provide the same services as snaptee and doing well in the past 3 years. They provide all kinds of services for their customers and designers. Currently it has 100 employees and growing fast.



Teefury is an online amazing store where you can find anything you want related to T-shirts, all sort of designs for amazing prices. The important thing about them is that they provide the T-shirts on a very low price as compared to other which give them slight edge on other. Snaptee has to watch out for these competitors. Teefury was founded by Sam Bruni in 2008, its headquarter is in California, USA. The estimated revenue is $9.5M.

Sanptee has to compete with these giant and make their own mark in the market which they are

doing pretty good at the moment.


For each Snaptee ordered, you earn a 10% commission on the sale.

Customer numbers

Customer is from all over the world and is growing day by day. Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Mainland, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, US & Canada, South America, United States, Europe France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom are the main countries.


Snaptee has grown exponentially in the past two years with hundreds of thousands of designs uploaded by designers from over 50 countries. Popular designers can definitely expect to make some real cash- designers get 10% of the profits for each t shirt sold with their custom design.