Online Shopping in Malaysia – Most Popular Sites

Malaysians love to shop, and there are online shopping sites all across Malaysia. Malaysia even had one of the first mass deal sites like Groupon called Lelong – founded in 1998! There are so many different sites to shop from but here’s a list of the most popular ones in the country.


Zalora is a Rocket Internet founded company which sells men’s, women’s and children’s fashion products. In addition to operating as an eCommerce portal for goods made by name brands, they also produce their own branded products. With over 50,000 products made by hundreds of brands, shoppers can find products like bags, perfumes, clothes and cosmetics from top national brands like Guess and Gucci along with local brands. For the US consumer, Zalora is most similar to


Also, a Rocket Internet founded company, Lazada was recently acquired by China’s Alibaba. Lazada sells everything from travel accessories to computers to food and beverages.  Lazada is very much like Amazon with tens of thousands of products available for online purchase. Lazada has their own warehouses and delivery logistics operations across Southeast Asia; however, they also allow other hundreds of online retailers to use their platform in exchange for a small commission. This model is most similar to




Lelong is one of the most popular eCommerce sites in Malaysia. Founded in 1998, Lelong is the Malaysian version of eBay with a focus on deals and online auctions. To a Westerner, the website might feel cluttered and confusing, however, this is in fact clever sorting and categorizing. With it’s thousands of products, Lelong has the widest variety of items with everything ranging from kitchen goods to a house.


The word ‘Mudah’ means Easy in Malay and the website is extremely simple to use. Mudah is Malaysia’s largest marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to connect directly to each other by region.

Mudah is most similar to Craigslist but with a nice design and mobile apps. It also has some similarities to Carousell or Gumtree which are classified sites primarily focused on Singapore.



Primarily just a site for photography and an official dealer for Canon and Niko, it is quite popular in a photo obsessed culture like Malaysia. They sell both new and used camera equipment and Malaysian shoppers can find almost anything related to photography from cameras to tripods to cleaning products.


Fashion Valet is as its name might suggest, heavily focused on fashion and offers products from foreign and local designers. They stock specialty items like single run items as well as clothing for plus size women. They offer free shipping and local pickup across Malaysia.



11Street is a peer to peer marketplace that allows hundreds of thousands of sellers to sell products to a wide userbase of buyers. Payments are held in escrow until purchases arrive safely.


You have to be a member to buy anything, but they make it worth your while through credit and point system. Basically, points can be exchanged for vouchers and credit can be stored and either used for future purchases or exchanged for vouchers.  They even have member benefits of varying degrees depending on the amount of purchases a member makes within a 6 month period.



The Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten (also a seller in the US) ceased operations in Malaysia in March of 2016