Online Bus Tickets in Malaysia

Malaysia is not a very large country geographically, nonetheless, her 30 million people live in population centers that are somewhat far from each other. Malaysia is 46th in the world for car ownership with only 361 cars per 1,000 people (for comparison the US is 809 cars for every 1,000 people), so as a result there is a vibrant public transportation system that connects the various cities around the country.

While there are trains around the country, the stations are typically in the center of cities which requires travelers to have another method of transportation to get to their final destination. The better and more popular method of travel is a bus which can connect many different neighborhoods and cities. There are many bus companies which operate both domestic and international routes.

Within this ecosystem of bus travel, there are a handful of companies that offer online bus tickets in Malaysia. While these services are similar to travel sites like Kayak, they actually allow the passengers to complete their bus booking on the travel site rather than needing to go to the route operators site.

Here are some of the companies that sell bus tickets online in Malaysia:


Founded in 2005, was born as a one-stop platform that sells bus tickets in Malaysia and Singapore. They are largest booking system across Southeast Asia and have sold over 1 million tickets for 300 bus operators covering over 5000 routes across Southeast Asia.

eTicketing.My is a leading-edge source solution that provide one stop ticketing solution and reservation for transportation industries throughout online system which accessible by consumer over the internet. They have hundreds of bus operators and offer immediate confirmation.


A new entrant to the online bus ticket market is Jungle Ventures funded Catchthatbus. CatchThatBus provides consumers with the ability to browse options and to purchase tickets from a range of trusted operators to over 500 destinations in Malaysia and Singapore.


With more than 4000 departures per day to various parts of Malaysia and Singapore and more than 1000 departure locations and destinations, has been the largest integrated express bus and coach tickets portal in Singapore and Malaysia since 2005. .


redBus is the world’s largest online bus ticket booking platform, connecting various cities across the globe with just a click of a button. Founded in 2006, redBus has sold over 40 Million tickets so far. Part of ibibo Group and are backed by Naspers (a South African multinational company). redBus revolutionized the online bus ticket booking industry by bringing together over 2,000 bus operators covering over 80,000 routes across the globe. With its mobile app reaching a download number of over 1 million, redBus today is arguably the largest community of bus travelers in the world.