Marketplaces for Secondhand Goods in Asia

Have a lot of junk at home that you need to clear out soon? If you are living in Southeast Asia, here are some recommended websites that could help you earn an additional income while clearing out the mess in your home.

  1. Carousell (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)

One of the first few companies in Asia that focused on an online C2C marketplace is Carousell. The site runs primarily via a mobile application and the app has revolutionized the process of listing, buying and selling items by making it simple, intuitive and convenient for users who are intending to sell away their preloved goods. Since it first launched in Singapore in May 2012, Carousell has remained the dominant mobile marketplace app for preloved items in Singapore. With its expansion into other Asian markets since 2014, it has gained a significant user base in other regional countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. As of May 2016, Carousell is the 17th most visited website in Singapore.

  1. OLX (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand)

OLX is one of the largest free classified advertisement websites in the world and has a strong presence in the Southeast Asia region. The online website and mobile app provides users with a platform to buy and sell items that are no longer in use quickly and effortlessly. Successive mergers with other competing online marketplace platforms in Southeast Asia over the years have made OLX  the largest online C2C marketplace in the Philippines, with a significant presence in other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand (locally known as Kaidee). As of May 2016, OLX is the 13th most visited website in the Philippines, 14th most visited in Indonesia and the 18th most visited website in Thailand.

  1. Mudah (Malaysia)

Currently, the largest online marketplace in Malaysia, Mudah easily connects buyers with sellers who intend to sell their secondhand items within Malaysia. A mobile app is also available on the Play Store for users to upload their listings to more than 50 available categories. Mudah is presently owned by 701Search, a joint venture between Schibsted Media Group, Singapore Press Holdings and Telenor Group. As of May 2016, Mudah is the 12th most visited website in Malaysia.

  1. Kaskus (Indonesia)

Although it started as a discussion forum, Kaskus is currently the largest online community forum and leading online marketplace for secondhand items in Indonesia. A mobile app is also available on the App Store and Play Store for users to browse the forum or upload their item listings. Kasukus also has their own payment system through their platform. As of May 2016, Kaskus is the 9th most visited website in Indonesia.

  1. Chotot (Vietnam)

Chotot is one of the leading online C2C marketplaces in Vietnam that allows users to buy and sell their secondhand items conveniently and securely. Users can place their listing in categories such as electronics, pets and cars. As May 2016, Chotot is the 22nd most visited website in Vietnam.

  1. Reebonz (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand)

If the item that you are intending to sell happens to be a luxury item, then Reebonz is definitely the go-to site. Founded in Singapore in March 2009, Reebonz is the leading marketplace for new and pre-owned luxury designer items such as branded apparel, handbags, shoes and jewellery. Unlike other online marketplaces, Reebonz charges a commission fee for items sold on its website. It has since expanded its operation into 8 other countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.