Lalamove / Easyvan

Lalamove began in 2013 in Hong Kong (it was originally called EasyVan.) They are currently one of the leading logistics companies in Asia. Lalamove touts their “groundbreaking mobile and desktop platforms” which helps hundreds of thousands of people connect with drivers.

Soon after starting, Lalamove had thousands of customers connecting with freelance drivers around Hong Kong. Following their quick success, they decided to move beyond just connecting people with freelancers and doing more, developing technology to improve logistics.

Following their technological innovations, they changed their name to Lalamove-which was done to make logistics sound fun! They quickly branched out to other Asian markets including cities in Singapore, Thailand, China, and Taipei

Lalamove proclaims to revolutionizes intra-city delivery with features such as real time order matching, delivery tracking, 24/7 services and drivers rating; fulfilling customers’ moving needs and at the same time helping drivers get more business. Customers have the convenience of using their smartphone or computer to place and track orders in a couple clicks.

As of 2016, Lalamove claims to have fulfilled over 2 million deliveries.


Lalamove offers same day delivery, fixed pricing for bulk orders, and GPS real time tracking. They offer these services by maintaining large fleets across Asia, promising transparency and reliability of service.

To use the product, you simply open the app on your phone, set your destination, fill our your details and preferences, and confirm. This ease is, what Lalamove, hopes will help them gain market share and change the way that customers experience logistics.


All moving and logistics services are the competition for Lalamove. Lalamove hopes to stand out in a crowded market by providing the most convenient and strongest customer experience. They hope to accomplish this by offering 24/7 service through their app, customer service teams available 7 days a week, and multi-point drop off.

Founder: Shing Chow

Shing Chow  attended UCLA and Stanford Universities, graduating with a degree in economics. He then worked for Bain & Company, followed by a stint as a professional poker player for over 8 years. After winning millions of dollars, he started his own investment firm called Lattice Investment Partners in 2007, followed by the founding of EasyVan in 2013.


Between 2014-2016,, Lalamove has raised over $20 million from AppWorks Ventures, Crystal Stream Capital, Geek Founders and MindWorks Venture.


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