Foodpanda – Asia’s Food Delivery Platform


About 8 years ago the world witnessed the dawn of the online food ordering market with the establishment of companies like Zomato. With the passage of time more and more companies have started to venture into this business and as a result its popularity grew. Now, with the help of these online food ordering companies, the job of ordering food online has been made a lot easier for millions of people across the globe.

Foodpanda (or Hello Food) is one of the leading online food delivery marketplace and is spread out globally. Its main job is to enable users to place orders at nearby restaurants with the help of its website or via its mobile app.

The branding name Foodpanda is only for countries in Asia and Europe, though it works with the branding name of HelloFood in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Foodpanda has become an instant success worldwide because of their user-friendly, high quality, and effective interface. Over the years they have worked on improving many features to increase their online traffic. Foodpanda customers can either use foodpanda website or its app to order their favorite cuisine. Both the website and app function more or less the same.

The ordering process through foodpanda works with an step by step guide. First, foodpanda gathers some postal information about the customer. Then they filter that information based on the details of restaurants whose delivery is possible in the area. In both the website and the app, in addition to the basic deals of the restaurants, there are some additional bonus deals which a customer can  use while ordering through foodpanda.

The menu of the restaurants are further divided into sub-categories in terms of food they serve. Once the order is placed the customers gets the confirmation message from the foodpanda operators and they are informed of the estimated time of delivery. Foodpanda sends the details of the order to the given restaurant and the contact information of the customer in case if there are further problems in delivering the food. Of course, the success of Foodpanda is not only based on the deals with restaurants but also its fleet of couriers.


As the company expands, they are working within each market to expand their network of delivery possibilities. For example, in Singapore,  Jakob Angele, CEO for foodpanda Singapore has said, “foodpanda service is all about delivering the most popular dishes around Singapore from kitchen to doorstep as quickly as possible. Having our own foodpanda fleet of riders means our service is now more consistent and speedier than ever, ensuring food consistently arrives on time.” As the company attempts to gain market share in each of their geographic regions, surely they will keep a clear focus on the logistics of their delivery system.

Tracking and Reviewing:

It is possible for the customers to keep track of their order from the Foodpanda website or app. It is really helpful for the customers as it informs them about the step by step processing of their order or details about the cancellation in case of cancellation of order. The customer can also write a review about the quality of the food ordered by the restaurant as well as the services provided by foodpanda.

Founders of company:

Foodpanda was launched by the combined efforts of Ralf Wenzel and Benjamin Bauer in 2012. It is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Ralf Wenzel:

Ralf Wenzel is the global CEO and one of the co-founders of Foodpanda or Hellofood. He holds a degree in computer science from Berlin University. Before becoming the CEO of foodpanda he used to work at Skrill Holding as a Group Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that held the position of Senior Vice –President Sales and business Development at Jamba/Jamster.

Benjamin Bauer:

Benjamin Bauer is the Chief Marketing Officer and the other co-founder of Foodpanda. He holds a degree of Master of Science from WHU and a Bachelor of Science from Maastricht University in Business Administration. Previously, he used to work for Venture capital firms in San Francisco and Munich.

History and Establishment of Foodpanda:

Foodpanda was launched in May 2012 in Singapore and was an instant success. By the end of the year, it had expanded to 16 countries worldwide. By the end of February 2013, it had successfully expanded its business to 23 countries across the globe. Now it is operating across five continents and active in more than 500 cities around the world. They have a large team of more than 3700 employees worldwide and are partnered with more than 38000 globally.

Foodpanda Competitors:

Foodpanda is not alone in the online food ordering market and they have some fierce competitors to look out for. The most threatening one is Zomato. Zomato is an Indian based online food ordering company, basically quite similar to foodpanda. In the earlier years, Zomato had an edge over

Foodpanda as Zomato was established in 2008, about 4 years earlier than Foodpanda. But, with the passage of time, Foodpanda gradually closed the gap between the two companies. The two companies are now standing head to head, with Foodpanda marginally in the lead. Foodpanda has received a large sum of funding recently from well-respected investors such as Goldman Sachs and Rocket Internet which helped them to take the lead from competitors like Zomato. The recent increase in a number of acquisitions by Foodpanda have also helped them stave off competitors. With the exception of Zomato, so far there doesn’t seem to be any other tough competition ahead of Foodpanda.

Over the years, Foodpanda has managed to beat out other competitors such as Tinyowl and freshmenu in terms of funding, revenue, number of acquisitions and social media followers. The battle to be the king of online food delivery market is far from over, but Foodpanda looks quite a strong contender to win this battle for supremacy.


Foodpanda by the numbers:



Company Total Funding Latest Funding Rounds Investors
Foodpanda $318M $100M Goldman Sachs
Zomato $223.8M $60M Temasek Ltd
Tinyowl $27.8M $7.7M Sequoia Capital
Freshmenu $21.5M $16.5M Zodius Capital


                                    Estimated Revenue

        Company Estimated Revenue (If Private)
Foodpanda                $440.1M
Zomato                $25.9M
Tinyowl             Less than $1M
Freshmenu            Less than $1M


                                       Number of Acquisitions

Company Total Acquisitions
Foodpanda                       22
Zomato                       9
Tinyowl                       0
Freshmenu                       0


                                      Social Media Followers

Company Facebook Followers
Foodpanda 1,980,883
Zomato 1,282,443
Tinyowl 52,441
Freshmenu 32,205



On 6th May 2013 AB Kinnevik Phenomen Ventures invested an amount of $20M in the Foodpanda company. Later, in 2013, iMENA Holdings funded another $8M to their account. In February 2014 another investment of $20M was made by Phenomen Ventures. However, the main source of Foodpanda’s funding came from the investors of Rocket Internet AG, who invested a signifigant amount-some $60M- in August 2014 and then funded another large sum of money -around $110M- in March 2015.

This investment helped Foodpanda to enter the elite club of companies which have been funded an amount of more than $100M in a single investment. In 2015, Foodpanda was again funded with an investment of $100M from Goldman Sachs Rocket Internet. A Total amount of $318M has been funded to Foodpanda from following Investors.


Funding Date   Round   Amount Investors
April 30, 2015     Equity       $100M Goldman Sachs Rocket Internet
March 11, 2015     Equity       $110M Rocket Internet Ag
August 10, 2014     Equity       $60M Rocket Internet Ag
February 3, 2014     Equity       $20M Phenomen Ventures
Sep 8, 2013     Equity       $8M iMENA Holdings
May 6, 2013     Equity       $20M AB Kinnevik Phenomen Ventures



Foodpanda Acquisitions:

From the time of its establishment, Foodpanda has merged several big and small companies into their group of companies. Following is the table of the companies acquired by foodpanda over past 4 years.


Acquisition Date Acquired
March 2016
September 2015 Singapore Dine
February 2015 Just Eat India
February 2015 Asian Room Services
February 2015 Eatoye and City Delivery
February 2015 Koziness and Food By Phone
February 2015 24h and Room Service
December 2014 Donesi and pauza
November 2014 PedidosYa and TastyKhana
June 2014 Delivery Club and deli Yami
July 2013 Mega Menu


Revenue History:

From the time Foodpanda was established it had seen a rapid increase in their revenues. Now the revenues of the company have reached an extraordinary figure of more than $440M and are far above any of their competitors.

Operating Countries:

Foodpanda stepped into the world of online food delivery in 2012. It started its operation from Singapore and gradually increased its popularity all across the world. By the end of the year, it had expanded its operation up to 16 countries and the then 7 more countries were introduced with the services of Foodpanda. Now it is operating in more than 40 countries across the 5 continents. The services of foodpanda are available in more than 500 cities of the world.

Brand Names:

The group of Foodpanda companies consists of multiple brands. The name Foodpanda is primarily used in Asia and Eastern Europe. The brand name of Hellofood is used in the Middle East. Many more small scale companies in different countries of the world belong to the group of Foodpanda. Following are the names of the country within foodpanda operating in different major countries of the world.


Company Name Country
Delivery Club Russia
Room Service Malaysia
City Delivery Philippines
Pauza Croatia
Donesi Serbia
24h UAE
Dial-A-Dinner Honk Kong
Food By Phone Thailand
Room Service Singapore
Eatoye Pakistan


Donesi Bosnia & Herzegovina