GDP of Asian Countries (APAC)

GDP data can be hard to come by for some Asian countries, but below is a table that can serve as a point of reference for comparing countries economic output. Data was sourced from the world bank.   Country GDP (in mllions USD) GDP per capita  American Samoa 537 7,874  Bangladesh 205,715 1,096  Bhutan 6.384 […]

Populations of Asian (APAC) Countries

Asia is the world’s most populous continent with nearly a third of the world’s people. Below is a table of the population for all of the countries typically considered part of the business region commonly called APAC.   Country Population Pop Density  American Samoa 54,719 326  Australia 23,731,000 2.8  Bangladesh 156,594,962 1,033.50  Bhutan 742,737 18 […]

Asian Companies Listed on the US Stock Exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX)

Below is a list of notable companies in Asia that is currently listed on the US Stock Exchanges. China Company Symbol IPO Year Sector Exchange Canadian Solar Inc. CSIQ 2006 Semiconductors NASDAQ Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd. FFHL 2006 Specialty Chemicals AirMedia Group Inc AMCN 2007 Advertising CNinsure Inc. CISG 2007 Specialty Insurers JA Solar […]

500 Startups Investments in Greater China

500 Startups Investments in Greater China Founded in 2010 by Christine Tsai and Dave McClure, 500 Startups is one of the largest venture capital seed fund and seed accelerator firms in the world, with investments made in more than 1,300 tech startups worldwide. 500 Startups initiated its focus on investing in Greater China (Mainland China, […]

Incorporating a Business in Hong Kong

There’s a reason so many global businesses incorporate in Hong Kong. It’s just so easy. Here are the steps you need to take to get your business set up in Hong Kong. Limited Company is the most commonly-used company type. This is a company which is incorporated in Hong Kong, which means that the owner […]

Incorporating a Business in Singapore

Singapore is known around the world as the easiest place to incorporate a business, and it really is. Here are the steps for a foreign company to incorporate a business in Singapore: To set up a company and start doing business in Singapore, a company must first be incorporated. Th first thing you need to do […]

Credit Card Adoption in Asia

Credit card penetration across Asia is very low when compared to places like the US and Europe. Many people in Asia are underbanked leading to difficulties in even obtaining credit cards. As a result, the ability to pay by credit is drastically reduced; although things can differ widely.   In Vietnam, a sub $1 taxi […]