Top Tech Media in Asia Written in English

 This is the list of top 12 most widely used Tech Media of Asia. The list is arranged in terms of the website’s popularity and their nature of services, starting out with the most widely used tech media in Asia. It is worth noting that every Asian country had a list of their own tech media blogs that covers all the latest technology news and updates of their country. This list is of the top 13 widely recognizable tech media blogs whose services aren’t confined to a single country but covers most of the Asia.

Tech in Asia:

Tech in Asia is a Tech Media platform that provides Asia’s Tech Communities with the latest tech news. It also acts as a jobs platform which acts as a catalyst for the talented individuals who are looking for jobs that suit their needs.  The conferences of Tech in Asia are held every year in Singapore, Bangalore, Jakarta, and Tokyo which connects new and up-and-coming startups with corporate, investors and more. The Tech in Asia team comprises of over 100 staff from different parts of Asia-with a focus on Singapore. The Tech in Asia websites serves as a platform through which people could voice their thoughts and ideas relating to the tech development of the world build around their community of writers and readers.


e27 is a Tech Media of Asia website whose vision is to build one connected tech industry with no bounding. They claim to focus across Asia in: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

The main focus of e27 is to cover tech news regarding all the countries mentioned above and also the latest and most important tech news from the world. The “e” in e27 stands for entrepreneurs and the mission of e27 is also chosen by keeping the same entrepreneurs in mind and that is to act as a one-stop resource platform for all the tech news and information they need and want.

TechCrunch Asia

TechCrunch is a network of websites that is considered a leading technology media property of Asia. Its aim is to profile promising startups, provide tech news, and reviews internet products. TechCrunch coverage stretches from China, Japan, to Europe and the US, and also covers other Asian countries. Its network also comprises CrunchBase which is an open database website about tech companies.

The Next Web:

The Next Web is an Amsterdam based Tech Media Website whose main focus is to cover all the latest international technology business, new, and cultures. The Next Web has a separate page setup for Asia that focuses on all the major technological developments and news of Asia.


The Tokyo-based online news website ZDNET delivers all the latest news and analysis of the latest information technology related trends and technologies. ZDNet had also got a separate newsletter setup specifically for Asia that covers all the significant developments concerning Asian Technology. It serves as an ideal platform for professionals who are looking for analytical information about latest Asian and the world’s technologies and trends.


TechNode or previously known as MOBINODE is the official partner of TechCrunch and is the leading tech media of Asia. Its objective is to cover all the latest news on promising new start-ups, investors, industry trends, and mega companies of Asia and China. TechNode focuses mainly on the news and updates concerning mobile, media, and e-commerce. TechNode is considered as one of the most influential Chinese tech blogs.


TechRepublic is a media tech website that helps IT decision-makers identify and select the best possible technologies and strategies for their businesses. TechRepublic features their users with a unique blend of services like newsletters and resource library. Furthermore, they also provide peer-to-peer advice to new entrepreneurs who are in the earliest phase of their career.

The Bridge

The Bridge which was originally called as Startup Dating is a Tokyo Based Media Tech website that acts as a medium for connecting entrepreneurs and system engineers of Asia. Their aim is to provide the tech news seekers with authentic and latest tech news of the world and specifically Asia. The Bridge is available in both English and Japanese languages. Alongside tech news they also provide information about the newest startups and entrepreneurs profiled from all over Asia.


Techday is considered a leading source of technology news in Asia Pacific. Its wide coverage is spread throughout the world, it has separate networks in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Its Asia network comprises of two channels Security Brief Asia and Data Center News. Security Brief Asia is Asia’s number 1 source of security and threat news.

Digital News Asia

Digital News Asia or DNA is an independent news portal of Asia, it comprises of a group of award-winning business and technology journalists. The goal of DNA is to provide coverage on business models, public policy, startups and funding, industry issues, entrepreneurs, business trends and development as well as updates on new technologies, and ground-breaking projects. Beside this DNA also provides profiles on movers and shakers in the business industries of Asia.


Digital East Asia

Asia comprises of several technically advanced countries and keeping up with all the technological developments and digital media news is a quite difficult task. Digital East Asia is basically set up to provide the digital media news seekers with all the digital media information and updates from 13 of the major countries of Asia.

Young Upstarts

Young Upstart is an Upstart Publishing company based in Singapore. Their primary objective is to write on topics concerning entrepreneurship, innovations, ideas, and small businesses. Young Upstarts is a great source for promising new entrepreneurs to learn something new about technologies and trends which ultimately helps them in embarking on their journey to setting up a successful business in Asia.