Top Business Schools in Asia

“Educations is our Passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepares for it today” – Malcolm X
Asia is the largest and the most populous continent on Earth. And in terms of technological advancements and developments, Asia has progressed at a rapid rate in the recent past. One thing that could be credited the much of this developmental progression is the quality of education. The standard of education directly influences the development rate of a nation. In general, the country with better standards of education holds better chances of overall developmental and technological progress. And business education is the backbone of economic development of a country. Asia comprises of numerous high-quality business schools that are highly ranked in the world.

This is the list of top Business schools and universities of Asia.

Singapore Institute of Management:
The Singapore Institute of Management also known as SIM is the largest provider of professional training and private tertiary education in Singapore. It was founded in 1964 and in 2005 it laid the foundation of SIM University. SIM University is Singapore’s first privately funded university. SIM University is approved by Ministry of Education of Singapore and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs, diploma, and executive courses. SIM is the largest partner of the offshore program of RMIT University and also is the only university in Asia to offer degree programs of the University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, and the University of Buffalo SUNY.

These are some of the facts and figures Singapore Institute of Management:
-SIM comprises of more than 36,000 students
-Total number of SIM’s graduate is more than 149,500
-SIM’s teaching faculty consist of more than 2,000 teachers
-SIM comprises of approx. 50,000 individual and about 600 corporate members
-In the 16th Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Awards held in 2014 SIM for the fourth time in a row won the Platinum -Award in the category of Private Higher Institution. And in 2015, SIM won the award of the Best Private Institute at AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards for the seventh time in a row.

Telkom Institute of Management
Telkom Institute of Management is the leading business University of Indonesia and is located in the city of Bandung. It was founded in 1990 and comprises of 7 faculties offering 28 programs of undergraduate and graduate studies. Telkom Institute offers a degree of bachelors in the fields of Accounting, Trade Administration, Science Communication, International ICT Business, Telecommunication business, Visual Communication Design. The institute also offers a degree of masters in Management and a diploma of marketing Management.

These are some of the prominent facts and figures of Telkom Institute of Management:
-The student body comprises of more than 23,000 students
-Its International Student Body have students from countries like Thailand, Korea, Italia, Uzbekistan, Germany, etc.
-It has educational collaboration with more than 30 countries of the world
-In 2014, Telkom Institute Management was given an award of the Indonesian Best School Management. Also in -2014, it received an award of Best School of Visual Communication Design.

University of Malaya:
University of Malaya or UM is the premier research University of Malaysia and is located in Kuala Lumpur. It is multidisciplinary Research University and consists of more than 17 faculties and research centers. The Kuala Lumpur campus was established in 1957 and it’s ever increasing alumni list had crossed 100,000 mark recently. It offers a degree of Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. in various academic fields. UM department of Business and Accountancy is considered as one of the best business department in Asia.

Some of the significant facts about University of Malaya are as follows:
-UM student body comprises of more than 27,000 students
-It’s Academic staff consists of about 1700 professionals
-International Students from 80 different countries attends UM
-The researchers of UM collaboratively works with the researchers from more than 100 international institutes.
-The University of Malaya had received numerous honors and awards in numerous categories in the past. In 2015, University of Malaya was awarded an award of Excellence.

Hong Kong University of Science And Technology – Business School
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School also known as HKUST Business School is the most respected and youngest business school in Asia. It was established in 1991 and offer degrees in various types of programs. This wide list of the program comprises of 12 Undergraduate Programs, 4 MBA Modules, and 2 EMBA Programs.

-HKUST Business School Student Body comprises of more than 3,259 undergraduates and 1,524 postgraduates students.
-More than 22,000 alumni have been graduated from HKUST
-HKUST staff consist of faculty members from more than 25 countries.
-HKUST Business School consists of more than 6 departments and 12 research centers.
-In the years 2007, 2009, and 2013 HKUST MBA executive program was ranked no 1 in the world by the Financial Times. And its Full-Time MBA program was ranked as Asia’s No 1 in the years 2010-14 and 2016.

FUDAN University
FUDAN University is located in Shanghai, China and is one of the most selective and prestigious university in China. It was established in 1905 and is consistently ranked in top 100 most Academic Universities of the World. FUDAN University comprises of 11 Level I National Key Disciplines and 19 Level II Disciplines and has programs of Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. The School of Economics is considered as one of the best business school in China.

-The Student Body consists of 14,100 undergraduate and 14,800 graduate students.
-Faculty and Staff of FUDAN University comprise of more than 5,800 professional individuals.
-It has more than 3000 overseas Degree-seeking students
-The faculty members of FUDAN University had won numerous academic teaching awards in the past. Its faculty comprises of 27 municipal teaching award winners, 7 national teaching award winners, 7 municipal teaching award team winners, and 11 national teaching award team members.

Indian Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is located in the South of India. According to the India Ranking 2016, it is considered as the best management institute in India. It was founded in 1973 and was the third Indian Institute of Management to be established, after IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta. It is considered as one of the best business school in Asia pacific Region. Most popular programs of IIM Bangalore includes PGP Specialization in Finance and Control Area, postgraduate Program in Management, Executive postgraduate Program in Management and PGP Specialization in Economics.
-IIM-B student body comprises of more than 1000 students
-There are about 110 professionals present in Faculty of IIM-B
-IIM-B is partnered with more than 27 Business institutes worldwide
-For the fourth year in succession Indian Institute of Management is considered as the No 1 Business School in Central Asia. IIM-B is one of the two business institutes in India to be awarded five palmes.

Keio University – Keio Business School
Keio Business School or simply known as KBS is No 1 Business school in Japan. KBS is the Japan’s First Business School and was founded in 1962. In 1978, the first Master of Business Administration Program in Japan was launched by KBS. And in 1991, a Ph.D. program was also added to the list of programs offered by KBS.

-The student body of Keio University comprises of more than 28,931 undergraduate and 4,349 postgraduate students
-Out of 28,931 undergraduate students, 438 are International students belonging to different countries of the world
-There are 480 International students in the postgraduate program at Keio University
-In the Times Higher Education Alma Master Index, Keio is placed at 9th position in the world. It is ranked 3rd in Asia in Centre of World University Rankings. According to 2010 ranking of the Weekly Economist the KBS graduates have the third best employment rate in 400 prominent companies.

Seoul National University
SEOUL National University or SNU is located in Gwanak, Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1946 and is considered as the most prestigious university in Korea. In Seoul National University there are 16 Colleges present with 82 departments for undergraduates. The college of Business Administration of Seoul National University or simply known as SNU Business School is considered as one the best in Asia. It offers a degree in undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive business administration programs.

-College of Business Administration consists of 1,119 undergraduate, 240 masters, and 49 Ph.D. students.
-The faculty of SNU Business School comprises of 82 highly skilled professionals
-There are 72 Foreign students currently studying in SNU Business School
-SNU Business is one of the four Business schools to hold 5 palmes of Excellence. SNU Business School has a strong global influence and is considered as the best business institute of South Korea.