Eli Schwartz is the Director of International Marketing for SurveyMonkey, the world’s largest online survey platform. He oversees SurveyMonkey’s marketing efforts outside the US. He just returned from nearly 2 years in Singapore where he lead SurveyMonkey’s marketing for the APAC region. Prior to his stint overseas, he was the head of global SEO at SurveyMonkey.

Eli has consulted with numerous startups and online enterprises helping them to build user acquisition strategies, and he is an advisor and mentor at accelerators and incubators in the US, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. He has keynoted at search and marketing conferences across Asia and the US, and is frequent guest columnist on search and marketing blogs.


With a background in education and learning and development, Shona consults with clients to think about how to best maximize employee potential. Throughout her work in Asia, Shona has trained and worked with a diverse group of clients, focusing on bridging the gap between West and East. Shona works with clients on both sides of the world think about the best way to work through cultural differences and ensure that employees and businesses are meeting growth expectations.