Peatix Vs Eventbrite Vs EventNook


PeaTix is a Tokyo based event registration and online ticketing platform which allows event organizers to create, manage, promote and sell tickets of events of all sizes. It has hosted over 50,000 events since its launch.

Peatix was launched in 2011 in Japan, by Taku Harada, Yuji Fujita, and Naofumi Iwai who are currently holding positions of CEO, CSO, and COO and respectively. It expanded to United States and Singapore in 2013. Now it has its offices in Shibuya, New York, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Its services are also available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and India. The company has received $9.62M in funding in 4 rounds from 17 Investors named as: 500 Startups, Digital Garage, Fidelity Growth Partners Japan, Draper Nexus Ventures, , Sunbridge Partners, Itochu Technology Ventures, ZenShin Capital and others. Peatix received US$ 5M last year in series B led by DG Incubation with 4 other investors.

The company currently has 28 employees.


Peatix offers its services through a well designed website and mobile app on both Android and IOs. It offers a  simple way to create tickets online by filling in date, place, and time of event. Peatix allows event organizers to create groups and inform the members of their group about events through  email and in-app notifications. The organizers’ dashboard includes several filters through which they can check the attendance status, payment status and ticket type. It also has  an event recommendation system which generates 20% of all ticket sales on Peatix’s platform.

The Peatix ticketing platform is also very friendly to attendees. One user-friendly feature is a  ticket transfer function through which the attendees can transfer the tickets to others and buy tickets for others as a gift.


Eventbrite is a California based event organizing and ticketing platform offering its services in 190 countries.  The platform allows event organizers to e create, manage and promote ticket sales for events.

Eventbrite was founded by Kevin Hartz (Current CEO), Julia Hartz (current President) and Renaud Visage (current CTO) and it started operating in 2006. The company has international offices in San Francisco, London, Ireland, Germany, Argentina and Brazil. The company opened its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Melbourne in 2014. It has Total Equity Funding of $198.28M in 9 rounds from 20 investors. Major investors in Eventbrite includes Sequoia Capital, 137 Ventures,  DAG Ventures, European Founders Fund, Tenaya Capitals, Jawed Karim and others. In 2014,  Eventbrite raised  $60 million in financing led by private equity at a valuation of US$ 1 billion.  The company has also acquired Queue, Scintilla Technologies, Lanyrd and Eventioz.

The company has about 600 employees.


Eventbrite is one of the leading online and mobile event management and ticketing platforms in the world.  Its services are available on the web as well as through its mobile apps.  The apps for event organizers include “Entry manager”, “At The Door” and “Eventbrite Neon” which have prominent features such as the ability to create registration forms, manage orders, track sales, check in attendees and many more. The company has also introduced a WordPress API plugin for both users and developers. It can be easily integrated in WordPress sites and offers features such as custom registration forms, clone events, customer database and attendee check-in.

There is also a consumer app from Eventbrite which helps people to find events near them. It is available for both Android and iOS users.


About Company:

EventNook is a Singapore based company that provides a web-based self service platform for event organizers to help them with  online registrations, ticketing,  payments, and on site check-in solutions.  

EventNook is a bootstrapped startup which was founded in 2010 by Kyaw Lin Oo,  a Singapore-based programmer. The company is headquartered in Singapore, and focuses on emerging markets of Asia such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. EventNook is an event registration partner for  Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Russia Singapore Business Forum, HelpLearn.Asia, Canadian Chamber, Global Entrepolis Singapore Conference, IDA, and Hub Singapore.  There is no Financing data available for this company.

The company has approx. 12 employees.


EventNook  allows event organizer to easily launch an event page and manage registrations, attendees, invoices, promotions, and event ticketing through its platform. It offers special customization features for large enterprises and businesses such as event site branding, confirmation and reminder email templates, QR code Tickets, invoicing with custom logos and other add-on services. It also allows event managers to track their ticketing campaign through advanced marketing tracking similar to Google Analytics or Facebook Ads campaign.

EventNook allows  attendees to pay online on popular and secure platforms such as PayPal and Stripe  and the payments go directly into the  account of the event organizer.  EventNook has a check-in mobile app powered with QR scanner which verifies the tickets at the entrance of event. This makes the check-in process fast and efficient and also prevent duplicate check-ins. This app is for event organizers and works only on iPads.  



The three event management and ticketing platforms Eventbrite, Peatix and EventNook, are similar in terms of services and features they offer; there is no set-up fee or monthly fee. Eventbrite and Peatex charges $0.99 per ticket as a ticket fee and this rate is  $0.3 per ticket at EventNook. However, EventNook has recently announced four different monthly plans which provide better service and desired packages- depending upon sizes and types of customers. Paypal is the supported payment system for these three companies and event organizers cash out their money through direct bank deposit or check. The estimated sale volume of Eventbrite and Peatix is US$ 4.2 million and US$ 460,000 respectively. Eventbrite and EventNook are catering small to large business sizes while Peatix is only serving the small businesses.

Eventbrite is major player of the online event management and ticketing industry. Being the “first mover” it has been recognized as “Walmart” so it’s not easy to  compete with Eventbrite in areas like user base or revenue. A  handful of companies have also created similar products that can challenge the status quo of Eventbrite’s platform. Peatix and EventNook are rapidly expanding and capturing the South Asian markets. EventNook has the biggest advantage as it’s located in the commerce and trade hub of SouthEast Asia, Singapore.  Peatix has also established its office in Singapore, in addition to the US. It is also successfully carrying out its business operations in 26 countries by  focusing on the needs of customers. Peatix is trying to compete in the market through its easy use of features, flexibility in payment options and lowest pricing. Peatix CEO and co-founder Taku Harada explains:

“Our mission is to empower event organizers. Rather than trying to replace the competitors, we try to do something that would impact a larger percentage of the customers.”

After entering Singapore in 2013 and continuing its expansion to region, Peatix is getting 20% of its business  from markets outside Japan, up from 15 percent in 2014 .

EventNook which is gaining traction, also stands out in Singapore among major players such as EventBrite, Amiando, FlickEvents and PeaTix .

“In Singapore, EventNook focuses on serving the needs of medium and large businesses which organize regular large conferences where EventBrite is undeserving. These companies need a good local support team and features such as GST requirement, automated Tax invoice, or custom reporting. For public users, those features provided to large event businesses are not visible by default as we want to keep it simple and easy for smaller events. I think FlickEvents has been in private beta for the last 2 years and obviously, we are lacking of the leading strong player in the region.”

EventNook is now investing its efforts  deploy  the emerging technologies such as the NFC and iPhone passbook in event management and ticketing platform. The company is focusing on Asia, especially Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia which are underserved by the online ticketing industry .

The ten year old, San Francisco based Eventbrite has many advanced and useful features but it is not doing well in Asia because of its higher charges and a lack of a physical presence in region. The international office for Asia Pacific is located in Melbourne but its focus is mainly English users of Australia and New Zealand. Eventbrite does not have any office or staff in Asian countries so it  is not able to provide any instant customer service or technical support to its clients in Asia.  Eventbrite  is also not able to serve large event in the region because they do not have local staff. And, most importantly, they do not seem to be engaged in understanding local culture as a means to expand within Asian countries.


Eventbrite is pioneer of online ticketing services, and it has vast experience in the industry. Eventbrite is evolved into a great tool for event management and ticketing with a lot of widgets to embed. The Peatix offers the lowest rates among these three and with its smooth web and mobile app platform, it is expanding rapidly in the SouthEast Asian Market.  EventNook is also in competition through its great back-end management tools and its growth across the region. For now, we will continue to watch the growth of these three in the region.