The Tide: Supporting the Philippines Startup Ecosystem

Doing business and attempting a startup in the Philippines can be a huge challenge because of the underdeveloped infrastructure in the country. After speaking with many startup founders, it was clear that one of the greatest hurdles for entrepreneurs is finding reliable and affordable internet. There are a few coworking spaces that have sprung up […]

Startup Incubators in Vietnam

In 2015, Vietnam recorded a 6.68 percent GDP growth – the fastest economic growth it has experienced in the last 5 years and the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The booming economy has allowed Vietnam’s startup ecosystem to flourish over the last few years. Here is a list of incubators in Vietnam that can […]

Average Internet Speeds in Asia

The latest 2015 index ranking on global average Internet speed shows the huge disparity in internet speeds among Asian countries. Countries within East Asia (except China) have relatively faster Internet speeds when compared with other parts of Asia with Internet speed in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan averaging more than 12 Mbps. Korea […]

Overview of Thailand Startup Scene

While Thailand might not be described as the hottest startup ecosystem, the country has seen tremendous growth over the last couple of year both in terms of investment and successful startups. Companies like Eko and Pomelo fashion have taken off across the region and are positioned for continued expansion. Other companies like Moxi and agoda […]

5 Things to Know Before Building Asian Business Relationships

In the US, there are acceptable ways of acting that we often don’t give a second thought. It’s natural to share your achievements and successes, it’s often expected that you insert your opinion and perspectives, and causal language is acceptable everywhere. This is not the case when doing business in Asia. So before you head […]

Sri Lanka’s Startup Ecosystem

Overshadowed by its long history of civil war, and its popular neighbor, India, Sri Lanka’s value in IT has often been overlooked by the world. The country is finally in a place to not just move past survival but begin to plant seeds towards a more developed and economically stable future. The geographic location of […]

5 things to know about Korean startup culture

1. Korea’s startup environment is unpredictable: people can be fascinated with one thing very quickly, then drop it just as quickly. Korea is a great test bed to pilot your program since its population is very open to change and isn’t doesn’t generally get stuck on one thing. However, this also presents a challenge for […]

Korea startup overview

About three years ago, the South Korean government has began to take a keen interest in expanding and supporting the startup ecosystem in the country. According to sources within the government, they have looked towards Israel as a tech model that they are trying to replicate, from government backed investments to support in building the […]

5 Things to know before investing or starting a business in Philippines

Everything is the Philippines is based on relationships. Like other places in Asia, the Philippines is a place where it’s important to get to know people and build trusting and genuine relationships before venturing into business with them. Building solid relationships is also important for everything related to business including getting recommendations, finding great real […]

Simplified vs Traditional Chinese Characters

Alongside the many Chinese language dialects, there are also two sets of Chinese characters for written words. Singapore and mainland China use simplified Chinese characters while Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan use traditional. Simplified Simplified  characters are standardized Chinese characters  for use in mainland China. The government of Chona  promoted the use of this character set […]