Average Internet Speeds in Asia

The latest 2015 index ranking on global average Internet speed shows the huge disparity in internet speeds among Asian countries.

Countries within East Asia (except China) have relatively faster Internet speeds when compared with other parts of Asia with Internet speed in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan averaging more than 12 Mbps. Korea has the fastest internet speeds in all of Asia at 26.7 average Mbps.

Within ASEAN, Singapore has the fastest Internet speeds averaging more than 13 Mbps while Philippines has the slowest average internet speed in ASEAN at 3.2 Mbps. Internet connection in the Philippines is also one of the most expensive in the world with 1 Mbps costing an average of US$18.18.

Indonesia showed significant internet speed gains year on year with a 109% increase in speed from 2014 to 2015. The slowest internet speed in the Asia Pacific region goes to India where the internet speed averages only 2.8 Mbps.

The developing countries in Asia still have a lot of potential to further improve on their average internet speeds. By focusing on infrastructural development to improve internet connectivity, they are likely to bring greater economic progress, development and prosperity to the region.

Global Ranking Country Average Internet

Speed (Mbps)

% Year on Year Change
1 South Korea 26.7 20
4 Japan 17.4 15
6 Hong Kong 16.8 -0.4
16 Singapore 13.9 19
21 Taiwan 12.9 22
42 Thailand 9.3 32
73 Malaysia 5.2 28
78 Sri Lanka 4.8 12
89 China 4.1 20
92 Indonesia 3.9 109
95 Vietnam 3.8 43
107 Philippines 3.2 18
114 India 2.8 36