Lynx: Big Data Analysis in Asia

Lynx Analytics is a big data analytics consulting company that is based in Singapore. The company provides businesses with end-to-end data analytics solution and execution. Some of its services include graph analysis, insight generation, monetisation and campaign execution and workflow design.

Lynx Analytics engages with clients selectively to ensure that the company is able to provide the best outcome for their clients. The startup currently focuses mainly on working with telecommunications and financial services companies which typically have large datasets that require analysis and interpretation.

A course at INSEAD in 2010 on ‘how graph theory can help businesses to grow’ helped spurr the interest of a group of professors and students who eventually came together to form Lynx Analytics.

The company first began by offering consulting services to businesses, but soon began to develop their own proprietary graph analytics software after realising that the market lacks the technology that is able to analyse big data graphs.

Notable Figures
Groygy Lajtai is the co-founder and Managing Director of Lynx Analytics. Gyorgy is an INSEAD alumnus, having attained an MBA from the school. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Business Studies from Oxford Brookes. Prior to INSEAD, Gyorgy co-owned GreenerOne, an online crowdsourced eco-rating company that is based in Silicon Valley.

Sander Swinkels is the Chief Operating Officer of Lynx Analytics. Sander was previously the General Manager SEA for Palantir Technologies. He has also worked as a public security principal at Capgemini and led critical consultancy services in Europe and Asia. Sander holds a MSc degree in Economics and Information Management from the University of Amsterdam.

What differentiates the startup from other traditional data analytics companies in the market is Lynx’s focus towards graph analytics. Large datasets such as call records are analysed through the use of graph theory.

Graph theory is the study of graphs and mathematical structures that identifies the relationships between objects. By applying graph analytics on large and diverse datasets, complex patterns of human behaviour and relationships between individuals, communities and the environment can thus be unravelled.

For businesses, the insights provided would allow them to understand their customers better. It will also allow companies to better prepare in planning their targeted marketing and customer retention campaigns.

Since its launch, Lynx Analytics has been achieving a 50 to 60 percent annual business growth while achieving sustained profits over the years. Before May 2016, the company has been able to achieve exceptional growth rates without any external funding. This is done by ensuring that the profits gained are frugally spent on its operations.

In May 2016, Lynx Analytics has received just under US$10 million in seed funding from an undisclosed strategic corporate investor based on the startup’s valuation of US$66 million. It is touted as one of the largest seed-stage fundraising rounds in Singapore and Southeast Asia.